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Acton Smile Hub, P.C.
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Andy F.
17:49 27 Nov 22
I am very pleased with Acton Smile Hub. I found Dr. Tufa quite by accident as I was seeking a new dentist. I had started to transfer to a dentist who previously occupied the office where Acton Smile Hub now resides. The Dentist I was transferring to retired so I then started seeing Dr. Tufa. I am very pleased with her and feel she is very competent and pleasant. I would recommend Acton Smile Hub to others.
Judy P
01:57 23 Nov 22
Very friendly staff. Everything was thoroughly explained. Overall a very good experience.
Silvia D.
12:22 18 Nov 22
Wonderful place - the dentist and the staff are very friendly, skilled, and patient. I love how they incorporate technology in their office to help me see and understand what procedures are being done.
Carmela C.
11:14 29 Oct 22
Attention to detail, thorough and compassionate dental care, helpful and encouraging tips for dental hygiene between visits. Over the years, Dr. Tufa and her team have kept my teeth and gums well and my smile bright!.
Charlotte K.
11:11 22 Oct 22
Always a positive experience at this practice. Aleta is my hygienist and is patient and kind which is a must for me with my dental fear!
Pamela F.
12:20 21 Oct 22
Wonderful, friendly and helpful staff. Expert dental care with the latest technologies.
Brenda C.
17:55 15 Oct 22
Very good experience. Súper friendly staff.
Lynn T.
02:56 10 Oct 22
Our entire family of 6 is seen by Acton Smile Hub. We’ve had all levels of dentistry performed and thank Dr Tufa and staff for taking such good care of all our dental needs. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend for children and adults.
k B.
01:26 04 Oct 22
The best dentist ever. They love and respect you. And they love and respect your teeth!
Jeffrey B.
11:07 30 Sep 22
Simply the best! Professional, Kind, Considerate and just awesome.
Fiona F.
16:05 29 Sep 22
Nothing but the kindest , most gentle serviced up to date service. Dr. Tula and hygienist Aleta Smith provide me with the type of care that this "dentist phobic" patient needs, and I couldn't recommend either of them highly enough. I have found all of the staff to be friendly and knowledgeable.
Alex H.
19:10 20 Sep 22
My 6 year old had anxiety about getting a tooth pulled stemming from a bad experience at another clinic. I’ve been a patient with Dr. Tufa for years, and I thought that she might be able to help with my son. Dr. Tufa was extremely patient and consoling to him, explaining what was going to happen at every step in a forthright manner. Eventually the tooth came out and the result was a relieved 6 year old and his parents!
mary H.
12:17 17 Sep 22
Modern space with lots of windows looking out into green spaces. Staff is responsive & understanding. Will return for additional service
Klaus C.
14:50 16 Sep 22
Like the Smilehub for its professional service all around from scheduling payment etc. and its dentist work. It’s a modern way of doing dentistry. Dr Tufa is very knowledgeable and Alden Smith for cleaning is just awesome. And the staff is always friendly too. I have known Cheryl there now for years. It’s like seeing family. Love this place. Can only recommend.
Arthur L.
20:38 15 Sep 22
I've been with Smile Hub ever since Dr. Tufa started the office in Acton. Aleta Smith, the Hygienist, has been great! She's efficient, thorough and always on time. Smile Hub invests in technologies! Procedures have been streamlined and this helps bring a positive experience to patients. I highly recommend Smile Hub.
Gena M.
17:42 13 Sep 22
The quality of the services are first rate, and the personal are friendly and efficient.
Greg H.
17:33 13 Sep 22
Great service. Super friendly staff and cool new technology make for a pleasant experience.
John C.
18:46 12 Sep 22
Get cleaning. They make you super convertable. Aleta was amazing as always.
Emanda H.
15:32 12 Sep 22
All the times I’ve been to the office at Acton Smile Hub have been fantastic. The staff are inviting and always answer the questions I have thoroughly. Ela Solimeno who did my cleaning was gentle and informative during the whole process. The only note I have is that I don’t think the building is wheelchair accessible as it seems like it’s renovated from a large cabin with stairs.
Sam D
23:33 10 Sep 22
Dr. Tufa and her staff are great! They are friendly, patient and take excellent care of their patients. Aleta Smith is a wonderful hygienist.
Griffin P.
17:29 10 Sep 22
Always pushing me to do my best in cleaning my teeth, thanks to Aleta and to everyone else at the Acton Smile Hub
Mary F.
12:33 07 Sep 22
Well-run, knowledgeable, friendly staff. Dr. Tufa is pro-active without being overly aggressive. Aleta, my hygienist, is great - efficient, skilled, & professional, yet also very personable. Cheryl in the office is a peach - she handles all appointments, billing, and insurance smoothly and efficiently, yet maintains a friendly, caring attitude. The office is up-to-date on new technologies and innovations in dental care. I am confident that I'm receiving good dental treatment and recommend this office.
Susan Y.
02:59 07 Sep 22
I am a new patient and first time to receive teeth cleaning and a dental work at the Acton Smile Hub. Aleta's warm and friendly smile had eased my anxiety and nervousness. She cleaned my teeth thoroughly with great care. Dr. Tufa did my dental work efficient and no pain. She taught me how to clean my retainer and even cleaned it for me! My experience at the Acton Smile Hub was very pleasant and comfortable. I do not understand why people afraid to see dentists. I am sure that all dentists want our teeth healthy and clean. The Acton Smile Hub just did that!
paul W.
18:37 06 Sep 22
Recently went to have my [remaining] choppers cleaned and was given excellent treatment by Aleta [Smith]. Competent, knowledgeable, and of good cheer! Thanks to Aleta.......PW
James F.
15:02 31 Aug 22
Much better than expected. I was anxious for all the usual reasons, but it turned out fine.JCF
Daniela P.
19:08 28 Aug 22
Thank you, Aleta Smith for you hard work and smile. You are always welcoming, patient, and friendly. Great service!
Vivian R.
00:22 28 Aug 22
My hygienist, Ela gives a very thorough cleaning, while at the same time being attentive to your comfort. Sheryl at the front end couldn’t be more helpful!
Toby G.
12:59 24 Aug 22
Wonderful dental office. Very up-to-date to make all you experience very comfortable. Great hygienists and dentist. I travel from NH to go there.
Lauren M.
19:07 23 Aug 22
Aleta Smith and Dr. Tufa are the best. Aleta is so friendly and genuine and is also really great at her job! Dr. Tufa is also always a pleasure to see and compliments Aleta's positive energy. I trust Aleta and Dr. Tufa 100 percent for all my dental needs.
Scott P.
12:09 19 Aug 22
Our family has been going to Acton Smile Hub for many years. Dr. Tufa and her staff are extremely professional, very friendly and always welcoming. They are happy to take the time needed to discuss treatment and care, and their recommendations for specialty services, such as orthodonture or periodontia, when needed, are always superb. We strongly recommend Acton Smile Hub.
16:08 16 Aug 22
Great service and nice to be a patient there. Shout out to Aleta for the treatment and advise
13:23 12 Aug 22
Had my 6 month cleaning and Aleta was awesome. Extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and efficient. I hope she stays at Acton Smile Hub forever.
Geoffrey Tritsch (.
18:09 11 Aug 22
I am one of those people who HATES going to the dentist but I do. Aleta Smith, the Hygienist who does my cleanings, is great!. She is caring and supportive and is everyone at Acton Smile Hub. They keep introducing new technologies and techniques to make dentistry easier and less intrusive. Aleta takes the time to explain everything she is doing and make sure that I am comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend Acton Smile Hub.
Mike C.
20:26 30 Jul 22
Just had my regular cleaning with Aleta, and it was great (well, as great as a cleaning can be 😉). She took care to make sure I understood what she was doing, that I was comfortable, and that there were no surprises. I would highly recommend her.
Roger H.
14:52 25 Jul 22
Painless and pleasant atmosphere. Dr Tufa and staff seem devoted to prevention, which I appreciate in my late sixties.
Courtney B.
15:34 23 Jul 22
Cheyenne is very friendly and professional! I highly recommend her:)
Nicholas Z.
03:06 19 Jul 22
Aleta Smith (dental hygienist) was great! She provided informative explanations of her thorough cleaning process and the importance of daily flossing while making me feel very comfortable!
Mariya S.
21:45 11 Jul 22
I've been going to Acton Smile Hub for years and have only had wonderful experiences. Dr. Tufa is thoughtful, skilled, and efficient, and Aleta did a very thorough cleaning and check-up while making me feel very comfortable!
Erica L.
02:12 05 Jul 22
My family and I have just started going to Acton Smile Hub. My husband had a check-up with Aleta and he said she was very thorough and professional. We highly recommend Acton Smile Hub.
Brandy S.
11:02 25 Jun 22
Acton Smile Hub is fantastic! Aleta is a warm, knowledgeable hygienist who is great at allaying any dental anxiety you may have. Both Aleta and Dr. Tufa give clear explanations of all processes and treatment options. I highly recommend this dental office.
Mary A.
01:17 24 Jun 22
I just had a dental cleaning today with Aleta. She is very conscientious and did fantastic work on my teeth! Thanks, Aleta for the great job today!
gshaw S.
10:20 23 Jun 22
Friendly atmosphere, and they do great work. Hygienist Aleta gets me in and out quickly and is very pleasant. Dr. Heni Tufa does good work, and both always discuss and describe what care I should do at home. This has been very helpful in improving my dental care.
Kate I.
18:46 21 Jun 22
I started with Dr. Tufa in February of this year and have been so impressed with her skill, her communication style and precise, thorough handling of the problems I had with my teeth! I think she is going to be my forever dentist. The staff are also so professional and friendly. I am grateful to have had my dental work done by her! Thank you to the whole team at Acton Smile Hub!
Karl H.
14:59 21 Jun 22
Very friendly, straightforward, and they communicate everything perfectly. Highly recommend.
14:00 20 Jun 22
I have been their patient since they opened a few years ago and all my experiences, cleaning, gum work, crowns, fillings, billing, appointments, you name it, have been better than the best. Yes, the best. For my most recent cleaning, I was so relaxed that I may have fallen asleep. The staff explain everything they are doing and why. And, they use the latest equipment which makes their work very efficient and provides lots of information and graphics to show me their plans. No matter what the procedure, I am confident.
gilbert D.
00:52 20 Jun 22
Dr Tufa explained my options regarding probable upcoming tooth replacement and let me think about how I wished to proceed. She wasencouraged on my overall prognosis.
Ria VI NU 9.
18:03 17 Jun 22
I've always dreaded going to the dentist. I found it so difficult to find one that made me feel comfortable, but when I did, I stuck with them. When Dr. Jackson in Maynard retired (I went to him for almost 30 years) the thought of searching for a new dentist concerned me. Will they be gentle. Can I trust them. Will the office be warm and inviting. Will the staff be friendly and comforting. Will I have to search far and wide. Well, a friend recommended me to Acton Smile Hub and it couldn't of gone better. I experienced very little pain or discomfort. The Dr. and staff were absolutely amazing. The office was immaculate. There was no upselling or shady dealings. The experience was just as good as with Dr. Jackson if not better. I'm recommending Acton Smile Hub to all of my family and friends who found themselves lacking when Dr. Jackson retired.
Lisa D.
19:56 08 Jun 22
Acton Smile Hub has knowledgeable and very friendly staff. They're always available if you have any questions and take the time to explain. I've had 3 appointments so far and have never spent more then 5 minutes in the waitnig room.
Nancy M.
02:13 08 Jun 22
6/07/2022Today Dr. Tufu performed wonders on my two silver filled teeth. I was very pleased with her professional skilled talents as she performed her magic toreplace them with white fillings and two temporary crowns with no pain.Thank you to Dr. Tufu and her team. Nancy
Dan R.
16:38 07 Jun 22
All the latest up to date equipment and progressive care.
Colin B
12:05 03 Jun 22
I can't say enough positive things about this newer practice that I believe took over an ageing one and the atmosphere is "new and out to prove."The entire experience start to finish is just top notch. For those comfortable with it, reminders with forms are provided digitally with insurance and costs explained in detail up front so there are no surprises. I don't think I waited for more than 5 minutes over a series of several appointments recently. Complimentary re-check/touch-up on work done just to be sure I was 100% satisfied. Pros and cons of expensive vs less expensive treatment options and never made me feel badly about taking the cheaper one....when others prior had pressured only the expensive option for years.
Donna K.
00:27 03 Jun 22
Very accommodating and friendly staff
Minal A.
01:44 30 May 22
Friendly and very good service by Cheryl and the whole staff at Acton Smile Hub.You walk out with a smile on your face.
Fred C
15:26 24 May 22
I find Dr. Tufa practice very professional and striving for state-of-the-art techniques. The staff is friendly and well informed. My most recent visit was with Aleta Smith for a preventative appointment. It was a very good experience.
Chris S.
00:56 20 May 22
Dr. Tufa and her staff are simply awesome. They are incredibly nice and make a trip to the dentist an enjoyable experience. Highly recommend.
noah P.
16:27 27 Apr 22
Really friendly staff. Would recommend this location
Laura R.
16:14 18 Apr 22
I've had great dental care at Acton Smile Hub. Dr. Tufa is very easy to talk to, explains everything clearly, and her staff are welcoming, kind, professional, and thorough.
Anna K.
14:01 01 Apr 22
Everything about Acton SmileHUB is to my liking. Everyone there has been friendly, helpful, and very professional. Dr. Tufu provided the most thorough preliminary exam and cleaning I have ever had and, with it, complete explanations. I was never made to feel less than important and the atmosphere is not hurried. Payment options are readily available and the staff is very gracious.Even the building is comfortable. Thanks, everyone.
Susan D.
15:40 29 Mar 22
Our family moved to the area at the end of last summer and we had to find a new dentist. I am so completing grateful to find this practice. The staff are professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. Dr. Tufu took time to review my concerns, was very though in her exam and provided a great plan for me and my son. The technology is up to date and options available for many concerns can easily be addressed. I care for my mother with Alzheimer's, and I plan to bring her in as a new patient as well. Highly recommend this practice!
Ashley N.
12:06 19 Mar 22
My husband and I recently moved to Acton and needed to find a new dentist. I’m so glad we found Acton Smile Hub! The hygienist and dentist were both extremely nice and friendly, and I received the most thorough exam and cleaning that I’ve ever received. The hygienist even made sure to explain each step in the cleaning and why she was doing it. Definitely recommend!
Carlos T.
16:06 08 Mar 22
From the appointment booking to leaving the building, this has been the most professional dental experience I have ever had. The booking process is very helpful, the team provided multiple options adaptive to my schedule. The technician took the time to explain the x-ray process and her findings. My time with Doctor T. was detailed and insightful. I now understand the intricacies of my dental health. This team follows a standard of excellence.
Kathleen R.
15:13 08 Mar 22
I always find my visits to the Smile Hub to be professional and even enjoyable, if one can say that about seeing the dentist!
Martha L.
17:30 01 Mar 22
Very friendly and helpful in dealing with my dental issues.
18:56 21 Feb 22
I'm really pleased with the tooth overlays Dr. Tufa has done on two cracked molars on opposite sides of my mouth (one on top & one on the bottom) and with the thorough teeth-cleaning Alida provides.
Diamond C.
23:19 08 Feb 22
My experience here was by far the smoothest process I have ever had. The dentist here was extremely friendly and explained everything in grave detail. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to get some qualify work done to their teeth. If I could rate this place a 10 I would give them 20 which says a lot about the experience I had. Thank you Acton Smile Hub, PC!
Paul W.
00:16 27 Jan 22
Before Christmas of 2021, one of my front teeth broke, I was on quarantine with covid. As soon as I came off quarantine, they took me in and gave a temporary until I could get a crown. I had more trouble with that same tooth one Christmas eve. They got me back in to the office and fixed the problem. A couple weeks later I got the new crown and all is well. They do a professional job.
Faith E.
16:35 20 Jan 22
Dr.Tufa and staff are the best! Kind, professional and highly skilled!
Julian C. C.
16:28 03 Jan 22
I needed a new dentist when my insurance changed 2-3 years ago, and found Acton Smile Hub. I've been very happy with the work that has been done. Especially valuable has been the constant encouragement from my regular hygienist, Aleta Smith, who is meticulous and gentle, clear in explaining what she is doing and why, and clear in her instructions to me. Oh, and she's good at conversation - reads books.
Chloe M.
18:04 28 Dec 21
Love love love all the dental hygienist at Acton Smile Hub! Aleta is such a treat and will do whatever she can to help your teeth be the best they can be. Heni Tufa is kind and passionate about what she does. 10/10 recommend this dentistry.
Anton S.
17:23 28 Dec 21
Acton Smile Hub provides the best dentist experience I've ever had. The office has excellent COVID protocol and feels very safe. Dr. Tufa is very knowledgeable and careful and her work is top notch. The hygienists are prepared with the patient's dental history before the visit and do a great job. Very professional and friendly staff all around. My entire family uses Acton Smile Hub as our family dentist. Highly recommend.
Keith L.
13:31 23 Dec 21
Can’t recommend the Acton Smile Hub enough. Dr. Tufa and her team are outstanding. I’ve been going to that office since my childhood and Dr. Tufa is the third owner of the practice in that time. Dr. Roth was great. Dr. Wong even better and now Dr. Tufa tops both of them and that says a lot. The bottom line is Dr. Tufa and her team embrace modern medicine and technology but they excel at ensuring it’s all about you and your health. They are very thorough, explain everything in detail, just an excellent team. Cheyenne is my semi regular hygienist and she is great but I met Aleta today and she is also excellent and provided me with some good tips and help. Go experience for yourself, you won’t be disappointed! Professionals exemplified.
Michael F.
17:25 21 Dec 21
Good service and kind staff. All around a great dentist office.
Zhong C.
03:16 21 Dec 21
Pleasant experience, friendly staff, convenient location, what more can you expect from a dental office? My routine visits with dental hygienist Aleta have always been great! Dr Tufa is very patient, professional and effective.
Peter D.
20:29 14 Dec 21
This is the third Dental team-practice in this location since my family has gone here. For sure my favorite, and hopefully the last. The front office team, Cheryl and Amanda make it very easy , super organized. Aleta and Dr. Tufa do a terrific job, make going to the dentist a nice experience. They are tough too, when it comes to advocating for better dental hygiene but in a encouraging and motivational way!
Phillippe V.
22:29 11 Dec 21
My wife and i are in our eighties and have benefitted from Dr tufa as our dentist for over 2 years for cleaning, cavities, tooth replacement , fillings and crowns. Over the years we have seen many dentist and consider Dr Tufa as both outstanding, and friendly with thorough knowledge, very much up to date including equipment. An excellent explainer, and a very friendly, well trained staff.. We both strongly recommend her. We like having her as our dentist.Phil and kate
michael T.
21:58 02 Dec 21
An outstanding Dentist. Everyone in the office are very nice, personable and professional. I always feel welcome and if you have any dentist apprehension, it will disappear as soon as you walk in the door. Dr. Heni Tufi is very good. When I leave, they make me think I want to go BACK !!! It is a very nice and accommodating environment!!!
Julie M.
00:26 30 Nov 21
I switched to Acton smile hub after years with my previous dentist. The transition was so smooth. The staff here is so friendly and makes you feel welcome and comfortable! Dr. Tufa takes the time with you each visit and takes pride in her care. I would and recommended her to family and friends
Ashley C.
23:15 29 Nov 21
5 STARS!!!! Every. Single. Time.The whole entire team knows me when I walk in..all female staff?? What could be better? Aleta is the best hygienist in the game: she is so reassuring, helpful and ALWAYS so real with me about my teeth!! She makes every visit such a treat!
Bob E.
16:23 23 Nov 21
Great Staff and wonderful experience. Yes, even at the dentist!
21:01 20 Nov 21
My long time dentist retired, so I decided to check out Smile Hub. So glad I did! It’s a beautiful, peaceful, and extremely comfortable setting..and everyone in the office puts you at ease. Dr. Tufa gave me the most comprehensive exam ever! They have all the newest technology, and my teeth have never felt cleaner! It was like spa day, and I can’t wait to go back! Dr. Tufa is a member of the community, and it feels good to support a local individual, rather than a big corporation. Fabulous staff! They made everything so easy! Thank you for welcoming me, Acton Smile Hub!
19:43 12 Nov 21
After searching high and low for a dentist and having a horrible experience with a dentist in Wayland, I found Acton Smile Hub. I am a huge baby when it comes to the dentist and their entire staff put me at ease from the moment I stepped in. I had to have a crown replaced and it was the first time in my entire life that I wasn’t sick with anxiety. I was actually relaxed. Whether you are afraid of the dentist or not, I highly recommend Acton Smile Hub!!
Tatiana S.
20:52 15 Sep 21
Highly professional and friendly team providing excellent care!Highly recommend , they are the best!
Linda G.
18:39 24 Aug 21
Great local dentist. Staff is very friendly. Hygienists are very knowledgeable. Dr. tufa explained all of my dental care options.Highly recommend
Teresa C.
10:54 26 Jun 21
The staff is friendly and efficient and displays genuine care for the patient. Cheyenne, the dental hygienist, did an excellent job of taking xrays and cleaning my teeth, then discussing my dental needs. Dr. Tufa's work was excellent. I needed a filling. Her administration of the anesthesia was the easiest I have ever had. Acton Smile Hub is worth the drive.
Carol M.
00:22 24 Jun 21
Recently switched and I am so pleased with the service. The staff and dentist are caring, friendly and thorough. The office is clean. So happy with my care.
Samuel R.
16:15 11 Jun 21
Awesome dentists… If you have any type of problem with your teeth whether it’s a broken tooth or a cavity, they do an amazing job. Recommended for anyone who wants a great dentist!