Routine Dental Cleanings & Periodic Exam


Prevention and optimal oral health

A regular cleaning and exam is the best way to help ensure optimal dental health. During your exam, periodontal (bone and gum) assessment will be performed to determine the type of dental cleaning and recall interval that is appropriate for you.

For patients with healthy gums, professional dental cleaning appointments are recommended every 6 months. For patients with compromised gums, the frequency of the cleanings is customized based on the patent’s needs.

Routine dental cleanings are preventive in nature and designed to keep gum disease and tooth decay from developing. Our registered dental hygienist will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth that you may not be able to remove at home by brushing and flossing. Measurements of the gums will be taken annually to catch any signs of gum disease. Oral hygiene recommendations will be given to improve and reinforce your daily routine. Your teeth will be polished to remove stain, leaving your mouth feeling refreshed.

Dr. Tufa will perform a periodic dental exam every 6 months to assess and screen for any problems that may arise. Digital xrays will be reviewed for cavities, failing restorations, recurrent decay, bone pathologies and infections of the nerve. Oral cancer screening will also be completed at this time.