Invisalign Clear Aligners

We offer a modern solution of straightening your teeth through Invisalign clear aligners, made specifically to fit your teeth.

Invisalign is an esthetic, clear alternative to braces. It is a bracketless orthodontic treatment that uses a series of clear, custom made removable aligners and controlled pressure to move the teeth into ideal position. After impressions and photos are taken, a virtual model and a simulation of the tooth movement is created that can be visualized on our software. This will give you an idea of the end result you may expect and the length of your treatment.

Invisalign aligners are worn for a minimum of 20-22 hrs per day and removed for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. Oral hygiene is easily maintainable with such removable aligners, making Invisalign a great option for many cavity prone patients.

  • Permanent solution
  • Effective treatment
  • Beautiful, straight teeth
  • Completly invisible
  • Easy to remove any time
  • Satisfying results
  • Easy cleaning & brushing
  • No diet restrictions
  • Comfortable plastic tray