Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry Options To Restore Your Teeth To Their Natural Strength and Appearance

Our restorative dental services are focused on repairing, strengthening, and replacement of teeth. You may need a restorative procedure due to different dental issues such as decay, partial or complete tooth loss, a tooth that is broken or has a large crack, or after undergoing a recent root canal.

Dr. Tufa and her team are highly trained and experienced in providing excellent restorations to bring out the best in your smile. Whether it is tooth-colored fillings that blend right in, inlays and onlays that fit perfectly or crowns with core buildup using highest quality materials, our restorative dental treatments will allow you to get back to enjoying a healthy and functional smile, improve your self-esteem and confidence in your appearance. And our communicative co-diagnosis approach will ensure that you feel comfortable with our care every step of the way.

Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are common treatment procedure in restorative dentistry used to repair small cavity, chip or crack in a tooth. They are an esthetic and safe alternative to amalgam fillings, and restore the tooth to its natural strength and appearance.

The biggest advantage of composite resin restorations is their ability to mimic the tooth’s natural shade. Composite resins are bonded to the tooth, thus reinforcing the tooth and giving it greater strength. This makes them suitable for repairing teeth with craze lines, chips or cracks. This also allows the dentist to be extremely conservative and preserve tooth structure with minimal drilling. Composite fillings are solidified by a special curing light to its full strength, which minimizes postoperative restrictions, so that you can chew and drink soon after the restoration is placed.

The following videos from Spear Education show visual presentations of how this procedure is performed.

Posterior Composite Fillings
Anterior Composite Fillings

Dental Inlay and Onlay

Dental inlays and onlays are highly custom, lab made restorations that are typically fabricated out of ceramic, metal, or gold. When repairing a small cavity, an inlay can restore the tooth in a more durable manner than a traditional filling.

An onlay on the other hand, is used to rebuild a tooth that has damage to one or more cusps. This treatment helps to restore optimal shape and function while saving as much of the natural tooth as possible. The procedure involves removal of all decayed tooth structure and taking a final impression of the prepared tooth. The tooth is temporized while the permanent restoration is being made at the lab. When the permanent restoration is ready, it is fitted in the mouth and cemented after the fit is optimized.

The following videos from Spear Education show visual presentations of how these procedures are performed.

Dental Inlay Procedure
Dental Onlay Procedure

Dental Crown

A tooth that has been severely damaged by decay or fracture may need a crown to preserve the tooth’s structural integrity. This is especially true if there are one or more cusps fractured or decayed, or the size the existing restoration is extensive and compromises the tooth strength. Sometimes when there is not enough of the natural tooth remaining to support a crown, a procedure called core buildup is performed using composite to add back enough structure so the tooth can be crowned and preserved. Pins are frequently used in these situations to help anchor and retain the core to the tooth.

A dental crown is designed based on an impression or a scan of the tooth preparation and can be fabricated from ceramic, metal or gold. This usually involves a temporary crown phase while the custom crown is being made. Once ready, the permanent crown is then fitted and bonded into place. Crowns are an excellent treatment option when it comes to increasing the longevity of weak and extensively broken down teeth.

Click on the video from Spear Education to see a visual presentation of this procedure.

Dental Crown - Preparation with Core Buildup
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