Dental Care For Children

Dentistry For Children

Busy schedule? Book convenient same-day family dental appointments. We treat kids of all ages: from toddlers to school-aged children and teens and are happy to see the whole family on the same day.

3 Reasons to Choose Us For Your Child's Dental Care

1. Convenience

Save time and hassle by scheduling family dental appointments for your children’s semi-annual cleanings and bring them to the same office where you have a cleaning appointment. This is especially convenient if you have more than one kid. With Dr. Tufa as your family dentist, you can handle all your oral health care needs under one roof – no more scheduling challenges, planning for separate appointments and driving around to multiple locations for appointments.

2. Straightforward and personalized care based on long-term trusting relationship

A family dentist who sees your children as they grow gets to know them through the years and can set them up so they develop and maintain good oral health throughout their entire life. If your child bonds well with Dr. Tufa during the initial visits they are likely to feel more comfortable seeing the same family dentist regularly for years to come. When that trusting relationship is established early on, that will go a long way in promoting a positive experience and dental hygiene habits as your child grows older.

3. Set an example

When you are visiting a trusted dental professional together with your children, you set an example and show them that you take care of your oral health as well. Routine checkups with you and other family members will teach them how to care about their own teeth and gums and will highlight the importance of good oral health so they continue the practice of regularly visiting the dentist into adulthood.

Parent Testimonials

Alex H.

"My 6 year old had anxiety about getting a tooth pulled stemming from a bad experience at another clinic. I’ve been a patient with Dr. Tufa for years, and I thought that she might be able to help with my son. Dr. Tufa was extremely patient and consoling to him, explaining what was going to happen at every step in a forthright manner. Eventually the tooth came out and the result was a relieved 6 year old and his parents!"

Family Dental Appointments

Smiling family showing their teeth

At Acton Smile Hub, we are happy to see and treat patients of all ages including children as young as 12 months. At each visit with Dr. Tufa, she will provide you with so-called anticipatory guidance - a proactive counseling technique in pediatric dentistry that, as the name implies, anticipates oral issues and diseases and focuses on prevention education and the needs of the child at each stage of life. This will include oral hygiene recommendations, nutritional tips, discussions on eruption and shedding of teeth and prevention of deleterious oral habits.

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Start Healthy Dental Care Habits at an Early Age

Starting any healthy habits at an early age makes it much easier to stick to them later in life. Similarly, seeing a dentist regularly from a young age helps children get more familiar with dental appointments. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child’s first dental visit takes place after the first tooth appears, but no later than his/hers first birthday. This is because as soon as your baby has teeth, he or she can get cavities.

Being proactive about your kids dental care can help keep his or her teeth healthy for life and it will also allow Dr. Tufa to track your child’s oral development and ensure any potential problems are addressed before they progress. Teach the importance of oral health wellness at an early age to set your children up for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

When Should I Take My Baby to the Dentist?

Find out why the first dentist visit matters for your child.

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What to Expect During Your Child's Dental Visits

During the first appointments, we will discuss how to care for your child’s teeth and talk about preventative routines/measures that can support dental health, like fluoride and sealants. In addition, we will discuss feeding habits and diet choices as they have a huge impact not only on the health of the teeth, but also growth and development of the jaws.  The latter is also influenced by oral habits such as thumb or other object sucking, using pacifier, tongue thrust and more. As your child grows, more regular cleanings and exams will be performed as well as fluoride treatments, and x-rays if necessary and depending on patient’s age and upon your approval.

Kids Dental Care - 3 Year Old Girl Brushing Her Teeth

Dental Sealants

Sealants are considered a preventive dental treatment to protect the groovy, chewing surfaces of the teeth from decay. Sealants are typically placed on the 6 year and 12 year molars and require no local anesthesia.  They are simply painted on the teeth and cured with a dental light. This non-invasive procedure is a quick and easy way to help kids maintain a cavity-free smile for years to come.

Dental Sealants for Children

Find out how dental sealants help prevent cavities.

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Fluoride Treatment

Just like sealants are protective of the groovy, chewing surfaces of teeth, fluoride treatments are a great method of protecting the tooth’s smooth surfaces from decay. This treatment can reduce your risk of cavities for up to 30%.  The fluoride incorporates into the tooth structure, strengthens it and makes it much less susceptible to breakdowns. In addition, fluoride treatments reduce tooth sensitivity and may be beneficial in people with gum recession, after scaling and root planning and/or generalized dentinal hypersensitivity.

Fluoride rinses and varnishes are recommended for those who are at a greater risk for developing cavities including children and adults.

Fluoride: The Superhero of Cavity Fighting

Learn more about the science behind it and how fluoride works to prevent cavities.

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Prevent Tooth Decay with Regular Pediatric Dental Checkups

Routine pediatric dental visits are usually scheduled every 6 months and help your children become accustomed to seeing the dentist. Through these experiences they will learn to develop positive oral hygiene habits which will decrease the likelihood of dental anxiety in the future. During each of these visits, we will assess your child’s teeth and gums for any potential oral health problems, such as teeth crookedness or decay, so we can detect them early and help prevent the need for expensive or complex restorative treatments later.

We have a lot of families who have been coming to us for several years to get care for the whole family. We provide quality and comprehensive pediatric dentistry for children of all ages with focus on prevention and establishing good oral health habits. If you are considering us to be your family dentist or would like to learn more about our pediatric dentistry services or schedule an appointment for your child, please contact our office today. You can also use our online booking tool and schedule your kids dental appointments online by clicking on the Book Online button.