Painless Laser Dentistry

How it helps you:

  • Fights gum disease by killing bacteria that cause it
  • Makes a routine dental cleaning more effective
  • Improves the overall health of teeth and gums
  • Faster and gentler procedures for you
  • More comfortable, drill-free and needle-free

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Soft Tissue Laser Technology for Minimally Invasive Treatments

Laser dentistry can help treat a variety of dental issues using a concentrated beam light and is very effective, decreases discomfort and speeds healing time. We are pleased to offer the highly effective BIOLASE Epic™ technology in our dental practice. This gentle laser treatment alternative to traditional methods is used in many dental procedures for periodontal disease and various soft tissue concerns.

Dr. Tufa and her staff are qualified to utilize the minimally invasive Epic™ laser to treat many soft tissue dental conditions with less discomfort to the patient and in some cases use less anesthetic. There are several dental conditions that we can treat with this technology: removing of oral lesions, treating tooth sensitivity, relieving pain, esthetic contouring of the gums, treating and preventing gum disease, laser bacterial reduction and it also provides alternative to traditional oral surgery. Our patients appreciate the opportunity to have this type of dental work completed in non-invasive way. If you would like to experience soft tissue laser dentistry for yourself, please call us to schedule an appointment.

Soft Tissue Dental Laser Treatment - Laser Bacterial Reduction

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser Dentistry is one of the most advanced dental treatments today. The soft tissue Epic laser uses unique technology that combines focused light and thermal energy for a highly precise, exceptionally gentle dental experience. Epic dental laser allows us to perform a wide range of procedures with benefits including:

  • Faster healing time and less trauma to teeth and gums. This is a result of reduced post operative swelling due to sealing of the lymphatics, decrease of inflammation and increase of repair and regeneration of the tissue including collagen production;
  • Less anesthetic for most procedures. Laser treatments allow for minimally invasive dentistry with no need for scalpels, incisions or sutures;
  • Less post-operative discomfort. There is about 90% reduction in post operative pain due to decrease in pain conduction;
  • Less bleeding. The intricate way the laser energy interacts with the tissue provides immediate coagulation and sealing of blood vessels with no post operative bleeding;
Laser Dentistry - Gum Decontamination

What Are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

  • MORE COMFORTABLE - Epic laser treatments provide patients with greater comfort, less bleeding, faster healing, and better results than conventional treatments.
  • MORE CONVENIENT - We can often get you in and out of the dental chair faster! With dental laser treatments, more can be completed in a single visit.
  • MORE PRECISE - Epic laser dentistry provides consistency, safety, and precision for better management of soft tissue conditions.

What Dental Conditions are Treated with Laser Technology?

At Acton Smile Hub, laser dentistry may be used to treat your gums or other soft tissue in your mouth. It can also help with:

  • Removing of Oral Lesions
    • Canker sores and cold sores can be painful making it difficult to talk and eat. Dr. Tufa can safely and efficiently treat sores on your lips, tongue, inner cheek and gums — often relieving pain immediately.
  • Treating Tooth Sensitivity
    • Teeth can be sensitive due to recession and root surface exposure or due to wear and dentin exposure. These symptoms can make it difficult to brush your teeth and even eat cold or hot foods. Laser treatment of these teeth takes only few minutes and can improve the symptoms immediately and dramatically.
  • Relieving Pain
    • If you are experiencing pain and discomfort, Epic works as a therapeutic device that helps to temporarily increase your blood circulation as well as to temporarily relax your muscles within 5 to 10 minutes of treatment.
  • Esthetic Contouring of the Gums
    • For overgrown or uneven gums, laser gingivectomy is a great solution to improve the appearance of your gums. No scalpels or sutures means faster healing and more predictable results
  • Treating and Preventing Gum Disease
    • Epic Laser Dentistry may be recommended as part of your treatment plan during the early stages of gum disease to help control the bacteria in your mouth and prevent the progression of this disease.
  • Laser Bacterial Reduction
    • When used to decontaminate your gums prior to your dental or cleaning appointments, soft tissue dental lasers can:
      • Kill periodontal disease bacteria
      • Reduce or eliminate potential infections that can be caused by bacteria from bleeding sites on the gums that flood the bloodstream and can seed into weakened areas such as joints or heart valves.
      • Prevent cross contamination in your mouth from one site to the other.
      • Reduce the bacterial load in the aerosols created during your cleaning, thus reducing communicable disease like flu and covid.
  • Provide Alternative to Traditional Oral Surgery
    • No one wants surgery, but when oral surgery is required, a scalpel and stitches can cause pain and discomfort. Laser dentistry is a gentler alternative providing patients with less pain and faster healing.

Laser Dental Cleaning

A Great Addition to Routine or Deep Teeth Cleanings

Our practice is proud to offer laser teeth cleaning to our patients, to help keep your gums healthy and prevent worsening symptoms of gum disease. This procedure is also called laser bacterial reduction. Periodontal disease, or gum and bone disease, is a bacterial infection in the gum around teeth and affects approximately 70% of adults! We can now not only treat gum infection by removal of mechanical irritants and diseased tissue but are also addressing the underlying infection that causes periodontal disease. Without preventative treatment, increased bone loss and gum attachment may occur. The laser decontamination process is painless and normally takes 5-10 minutes. We recommend that you take advantage of this additional service as part of your hygiene appointment.

Laser Bacterial Reduction with Diode Laser

See how how laser gum decontamination is performed.

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