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With our Zoom Teeth Whitening, Bonding and Veneers cosmetic dental treatments, we can help you find a solution to regain the confidence in your smile.  We can help you brighten your smile, fill in gaps between your teeth, change their shape, size or color and lot more. Once we understand what aspects about your smile you are unhappy with and would like to improve, we will discuss different treatment options, pros and cons so you can make an informed decision towards getting your smile look more natural and healthier.

Teeth Whitening

If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth, we can brighten up your smile with teeth whitening treatment. There are several types of teeth whitening options – from over-the-counter whitening trays or strips to professional solutions done at the dentist office using different methods.

Acton Smile Hub now offers the latest available teeth whitening technology from the No.1 patient-requested whitening brand, Philips Zoom. As the name suggests, it is one of the fastest teeth whitening systems and easily fits into the busiest of schedules.

We are offering several professional teeth whitening solutions:

  • Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed in-office treatment – teeth can look up to eight shades whiter in just one visit.
  • Philips Zoom take-home treatments with custom whitening trays – noticeably whiter teeth in just a few days.
  • Teeth Whitening Bundle - ideal for long term bright results.
  • Enamel Microabrasion - great option for those with patchy, chalky white stains on their teeth, like in fluorosis cases.
Zoom Teeth Whitening - Love Your Smile

Get Professional Teeth Whitening

Before starting the whitening process, we will complete an exam to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy enough for whitening and that no other existing dental problems and more urgent treatments like decay or gum disease need to be done first. If any are identified, we will suggest a proper treatment first. It is best if whitening is done within 2 weeks, or shortly after your teeth cleaning.

phillips zoom whitespeed system

In-Office Zoom Teeth Whitening with WhiteSpeed LED Light

Zoom in-office tooth whitening is a procedure designed to lighten the color the teeth using a combination of a prescription strength hydrogen peroxide gel and a specially designed visible LED light lamp. The Zoom treatment involves using the gel and lamp in conjunction with each other to produce maximum whitening results in the shortest possible time.

Before the procedure, we suggest that our patients start a sensitivity regimen of 2x daily brushing with Prevident Sensitive, MI paste, or Sensodyne toothpaste, 1-2 weeks before their ZOOM appointment.

In addition, 200-600 mg OTC Ibuprofen can be taken 1 hour prior to appointment to minimize sensitivity during the procedure.

Before and after the treatment, photos are taken and the shade of the upper-front teeth is assessed and recorded.

During the procedure, the whitening gel is applied to the teeth and exposed to the blue light from the Zoom lamp for three (3), 15-minute sessions. There is an optional fourth session for those with dark stains. During the entire treatment, a plastic retractor is placed in the mouth to help keep it open and the soft tissues of the mouth (i.e., my lips, gums, cheeks and tongue) are covered to ensure they are not exposed to the gel. The patient is provided with LED light filter protective eyewear to use during the procedure.

The entire appointment lasts up to 90 minutes. After the procedure, we will discuss post treatment instructions and recommendations. Click here to access the zoom teeth whitening instructions at your convenience.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening with Custom Trays

Take home teeth whitening is a procedure designed to lighten the color of your teeth using whitening gel in a custom fitted tray over the teeth. Optimal results are achieved within 1-2 weeks of consistent gel application.

After taking an impression or a scan of your teeth, we will use molds to make custom fitting trays that will hold the whitening gel against your teeth.

These trays are yours to keep and can be used whenever you would like an additional whitening.

The Philips Zoom DayWhite and NiteWhite Gel are hydrogen or carbamide peroxide gel options formulated to fit our patient’s wear preferences.  The DayWhite Gel is for shorter day-wear usage, while the NiteWhite is for longer daytime or overnight wear.

Our staff will demonstrate and show you how the trays and gel is used and provide you with tips on how to maximize results. Click here to read the at-home whitening instructions and recommendations at your convenience.

Whitening With Bleaching Tray

See how the appearance of your teeth can be improved using custom-made trays designed by a dentist.

Whitening Bundle

The Whitening bundle includes a combination of one session of in-office teeth whitening and a set of custom whitening trays and gel for at home application.

This is a great treatment option for patients that have dark, gray/brown or tetracycline stain that needs a more persistent whitening approach. In addition, this is a great option for those who want to maintain their whitening results long term.

Enamel Microabrasion

Some teeth have patchy, chalky white surface-enamel defects resulting from altered mineralization or decalcification of the superficial enamel layer due to various causes. During whitening, these hypocalcified areas, will whiten faster, thereby becoming more obvious during bleaching.

Enamel miroabrasion is recommended in these cases before the whitening protocol is initiated so these areas blend in better with the unaffected tooth, and the whitening results can be homogeneous.

The microabrasion procedure involves an in-office removal of the surface enamel defects with a specifically formulated paste and rubber cup, and an at-home application of high concentration fluoride gel in custom trays to help the enamel remineralize and regain its luster. In office whitening regimen follows and the results can be maintained with occasional use of the custom trays as needed.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are versatile and ideal cosmetic solution for everyone who desires a beautiful smile with minimal invasions into their teeth. We can improve your facial appearance and boost your confidence with dental veneers by hiding your natural teeth behind a very thin layer of porcelain.

Veneers can be used to treat a variety of cosmetic issues such as changing the shape, size, color and symmetry of your teeth and smile. They cover the front surface of a tooth, and are typically done to improve the appearance of your smile. They are strong and less prone to staining from coffee, tea, red wine than natural enamel. With proper care they can last for a long time.

This treatment usually requires multiple appointments to complete. At your first appointment, Dr. Tufa will take an impression of your teeth. A dental laboratory will create a model of your mouth, which will be used to create your temporary and final veneers. During your next visit, your teeth are prepared for the veneers. A second impression is taken, and temporary veneers are placed over your teeth until the final ones are ready.

During your final appointment, Dr. Tufa will remove the temporary veneers and bond the final veneers into place. Your teeth will be restored to optimal shape and function, and your smile will be greatly improved.

Click on the video from Spear Education to see a visual presentation of this process.

Veneers (Impression) Video

See how porcelain veneers are used to improve the appearance of a smile, using traditional dental impressions.

Tooth Bonding

Dental bonding (also known as cosmetic bonding) is minimally invasive procedure that uses tooth-colored composite resin material to restore teeth that are worn, chipped, discolored or have an unwanted size or shape. Chairside composite dental bondings are a simplified version of laboratory processed ceramic veneers.

Unlike ceramic or porcelain veneers, bonding can be done in a single visit usually with minimal or no local anesthesia and little to no pain during or after the procedure. Given the strength of the bond and ability to select shades that closely mimic natural teeth, teeth bonding is an effective cosmetic treatment to reshape your teeth and relatively inexpensive alternative to porcelain veneers.

In short, dental bondings may be used to:

  • Fill in a small gap between two teeth
  • Repair decayed teeth by filling a cavity with tooth-colored resin
  • Change the shape of a tooth
  • Repair chips or cracks in teeth
  • Cover up discoloration
  • Protect the root of a tooth after it has been exposed by receding gums
  • Make a tooth look larger than it is which is usually done to make it match the other teeth

Tooth Bonding Video

See how teeth bonding cosmetic procedure is performed

YouTube video

Ready to Improve Your Smile?

Dr. Tufa is a highly-skilled cosmetic dentist that can help you find a solution to achieve your ideal smile. Check our before & after smile gallery for examples of completed cosmetic dental work and get in touch with us if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment.