Botox Treatment

Therapeutic and Esthetic Botox Treatment

BOTOX® Cosmetics are not just for fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet anymore. Recently, BOTOX® treatment has proven to have therapeutic benefits including treatment of TMJ pain and discomfort, chronic migraine and headaches, jaw recontouring, gummy smile correction and many more.

BOTOX® works at the neuromuscular junction, where the nerve endings meet the muscle cells. Here, it prevents the nerve from causing muscle contraction, overuse and spasm of the muscle it was injected in.

Just as BOTOX® treatment temporarily relaxes muscles to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, the injections can relax the muscles of the jaw that are responsible for clenching and grinding and help reduce TMJ symptoms. One side benefit of this treatment is slenderizing of the jaw line and softening of the contour of the face, which a lot of patients find attractive.

Botox Treatment

In addition, BOTOX® has been successfully used for treating hyperactive and hypermobile upper lip that reveals excessive gum display during smiling. When injected, BOTOX® will relax the muscles of the upper lip and reduce lip mobility to reveal a more pleasing smile. BOTOX® provides minimally invasive and fast acting solution for symptoms that might otherwise require extensive treatment or even surgery.

Perhaps, none of these medical conditions apply to you, but you are interested in turning the clock back for few years BOTOX® Cosmetics is a simple, safe and FDA approved secret weapon to looking and feeling younger.

Treatment sessions are usually 30 minutes long with no down time for the patient. Follow up injections are recommended every 3-6 months.

Botox Special

Esthetic and therapeutic Botox treatments for:

      • TMJ pain and discomfort
      • Clenching and grinding
      • Gummy smile
      • Contouring of the jaw line
      • Frequent headaches
      • Fine lines and wrinkles

$12.99 per unit

Limited time offer for new or existing patients.

Relieve your symptoms of TMJ, clenching and grinding with Botox treatment
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