Dental Membership Plan

No Dental Insurance?

Does your employer not offer dental benefits? Did you lose your dental benefits when you retired? Have you always wanted dental benefits but thought the dental plans were too expensive and complicated? You are not alone – millions of Americans are in the same situation.

At Acton Smile Hub, we are passionate about oral health and ensuring our patients maintain healthy teeth for a lifetime. Our team is strongly dedicated to a higher standard of dental care which includes continuous advanced training and education, using modern materials and technologies, and demanding higher standards from our dental lab partners.

In addition, we believe all of our patients deserve exceptional dentistry and that improved access to preventive dental care is paramount to good health. Patients should not have to skip out on quality dental care just because they are uninsured.

As a result, we are offering affordable options to uninsured patients so they can save on their preventive dental care and move forward with other dental treatment they may need.

Acton Smile Hub, P.C. dental membership plan
Acton Smile Hub, P.C. dental membership plan

We now offer our very own dental membership plan so you and your family can have access to simple, affordable and comprehensive dental care with none of the hassles and headaches of dental insurance.

Our plans are budget friendly alternative to paying lump sums out of pocket for preventive dental care and include 10-15% off other dental procedures performed at our practice. Visit our dental payment options page to review the plans offered and get in touch with us to sign up.