Composite Fillings


Composite restorations are used to repair small cavity, chip or crack in a tooth. They are an esthetic and safe alternative to amalgam fillings, and restore the tooth to its natural strength and appearance.
The biggest advantage of composite resin restorations is their ability to mimic the tooth’s natural shade. Composite resins are bonded to the tooth, thus reinforcing the tooth and giving it greater strength. This makes them suitable for repairing teeth with craze lines, chips or cracks. This also allows the dentist to be extremely conservative and preserve tooth structure with minimal drilling. Composites are solidified by a special curing light to its full strength, which minimizes postoperative restrictions, so that you can chew and drink soon after the restoration is placed.
The following videos from Spear Education show visual presentations of how this procedure is performed.

Composite Fillings (Posterior)
Composite Fillings (Anterior)