15 Feb
Close up image of two dental cavities on a single tooth

Why Do I Keep Getting Cavities

In this post, we demystify what causes cavities and reveal strategies and preventative measures you can take to protect your teeth from…

27 Dec
ceramic crown of human teeth

Do I Really Need a Crown

This blog post explains when a dental crown is necessary and reasons why it may be a better treatment for damaged teeth…

28 Aug
Mouth with black triangles between teeth

Black Triangles Between Teeth

Learn more about the factors contributing to formation of black triangles between teeth and treatment options to address this dental issue.

27 Aug
Tooth Wear Due to Bruxism

Grinding, Clenching and Tooth Wear

Read this blog post to learn more about mechanical tooth wear caused by bruxism (grinding and clenching), its symptoms, consequences and treatment…

5 Jun
Botox In Dentistry Image - Vials and Syringe

How Dentists Use Botox

Learn more about the muscle-relaxing properties of Botox that have proven beneficial and therapeutic for treatment of TMJ pain, bruxism and other…