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Acton Smile Hub, P.C.
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I love going to this practice! Everyone is so nice, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I’ve had laser whitening, laser sensitivity treatment, mouth guard fitting, and tooth reshaping (in addition to regular cleaning). Dr Toofa and staff have really helped me along my grinding/ clenching journey.
I was looking for a new dentist. Someone I know went to Dr. Tufa. That someone was a harsh critic & if she liked Dr. Tufa & her staff, that was the endorsement I needed. I went for my first visit a year ago, have had 3 cleanings & some crown work & fillings done. Love the staff, of course Dr. Tufa - they are very sensitive to pain free experience, they run on time, are very hands on with regards to cost. Great place to go for dental care!
Great dentist, wonderful staff, and beautiful and welcoming interior!
The staff here is friendly, and caring! They take the time to answer any questions and are very understanding that the dentist's office may not be the most comfortable place for everyone. They are thorough and up to date with the latest developments in the field, which is rapidly evolving! I recently had a cleaning with Aleta who was amazing! Super nice and answered all of my questions about various aspects of the exam and some new offerings that the practice had. I really appreciated how she shared information but wasn't pushing at all!
I came for my teeth cleaning and the procedure was done quickly and painlessly. The teeth cleaning person was friendly and highly competent. Very pleased with the service received. Thank you.
My experience at Acton Smile Hub was very peaceful and pain free. The dental rooms and waiting area were also very calming. Have already scheduled my next cleaning. Every single person I interacted with was so polite and professional and considerate of a nervous patient. Thank you.
I have been with Acton Smile Hub as a dental patient for a while now, and have had a very positive experience with Dr. Heni Tufa and Hygienist Aleta Smith. They are friendly and knowledgeable, they have a lot of impressive technology to keep my teeth clean and healthy, and they provide clear explanations of what dental issues need to be addressed.I would recommend them to anyone seeking dental care in the area.
I had the best cleaning I have ever had. Aleta was extremely thorough without causing any discomfort. She also offered me an inexpensive lazer treatment for gum health. My teeth felt so clean and even looked whiter after my appointment. I'm already looking forward to my next appointment. Thanks Aleta!
Wonderful experience at Acton Smile Hub. I had my teeth cleaned by Aleta and she was so impressive in her care, skill, and knowledge. Overall the biggest factor that made it so wonderful was her and everyone's attention to detail and genuine desire to help!
Dr. Tufa and her staff have been wonderful to work with. My husband and I have both been seeing Dr. Tufa and have been pleased with the care we have received. She is personable and knowledgeable and takes time to answer any questions. I highly recommend her!
I had a deep gum cleaning done by Aleta. I was nervous going in about the discomfort I would have post-procedure -- there was none! Kudos to Aleta for a great job!
I am very satisfied with Acton Smile Hub and have much respect and confidence in Doctor Tufa and each member of her very capable staff to always provide the excellent service that I seek and want.
I could get tired of writing about how much I appreciate the excellent dental care I receive at Acton Smile Hub from the minute I walk in the door until I leave. But I don't. I am glad to laud their services. The team explains clearly all aspects of their procedures. I have full confidence in their work.
Aleta did an amazing job cleaning my teeth. I’m so appreciative of her hard work!
I had an emergency situation. Acton Smile got me in to see the dentist and gave me a great evaluation. Because of this kindness and great service I am staying with them for the future.
Aleta is perfect. She always thinks how I can improve my dental health.
I have been coming to Acton Smile Hub for almost three years. The office itself is like visiting a sterile yoga studio. This atmosphere is bolstered by a staff that is friendly, understanding, and kind. From Fan Favorite Cheryl at the front desk to Dr. Tufa herself, everyone will make you feel at ease and alleviate the stress that usually comes with visiting the dentist. On top of all this, Dr. Tufa is also an incredible dentist. They are the only dentist in 40 years that had a solution to years of cavities, despite having very good oral hygiene. 10/10 will be going here for years.
I was greeted by friendly Cheryl. Then I was whisked away to Dr. Tufa's chair. Dr. Tufa is always friendly and has UpToDate technical equipment. She is quick and efficient.
Recently changed dentists and came here on a recommendation of a friend. I had such a great experience with Dr. Tufa and Aleta. Very modern and thorough. I felt very comfortable with the entire staff and am confident they will provide great dental care for me for years to come!
Aleta is kind, gentle, knowledgeable, and thorough. I recommend her as a dental hygienist.
Went for my first cleaning and x-rays in a while. And was so pleased by how professional and friendly and knowledgeable the hygienist, Aleta, was. She shared some good advice in a kind manner and was caring and attentive. I also appreciated Dr. Tufa as well. This is the second time I’ve seen her and I appreciate her care and professionalism. I should say I usually have anxiety about going to the dentist but this visit was enjoyable.
As a new patient and one who needs to have some immediate and long term work done I was so pleased at the approach and understanding of both my time and budget. Outstanding experience so far!
yea it's a good place in my opinion. if you ask for something here I think you will get it in dental terms. what matters though is what they ask you for, they ask for enough information on your dental health that you know they have a disposition to care or a general principle or good practice to that end that is hard to do and hard to change if they are committed to doing good there. You probably can use this office to ask for things to be done like negotiation on insurance and dental procedures you want or put off, but that's probably a terrible waste compared to asking them to look after the future of your teeth and mouth which is probably something you can't really see with enough information compared to an office like this one,-- I'm just anticipating what common experiences may be here based the one I had here. So it's easy to verify the office with looking at reviews or the courtesy of the staff, and the good practices there remind me it's the good influences that show you things. I left the office and wanted to take better care of my teeth. In the long run, your opinion can only come from actions not words, so I think actions were fairly good dentally speaking and my experience was highly positive. --Yeah sometimes action-only style people are told they don't make full sense when requested to say a few things without preparation or time, but I think we should know by now in 2023 like John Milton implied, we give to make sense to give freedom to, to give options, we don't be entitled to listen to make sense of things to get freedom from, we aren't protected by what we write in public to prove we've been listening, so we listen to just hear a POV, and this POV is to be clear that it's still worth it to think about your teeth even if you got a lot of other stuff going on, or why would such nice dentist clinicians just come to help you with your dental health? That's the true internal compass of honesty way, strong and free, ending rhetorically but it is a question as I really don't know why some people are so nice.
I had a terrific experience at Acton Smile Hub. Everyone was friendly, professional and explained everything.
The team here really cares about providing quality care.
Modern, professional office. Really like the ultrasonic cleaning.
I've been going to Acton Smile Hub for my dental care for some years now, and the care has always been excellent. Everyone that works there is always friendly, and professional. Aleta is an amazing hygienist who took my X-rays, and gave me a very thorough teeth cleaning in no time at all. Dr. Tufa is an excellent dentist who is very adept at spotting any problems, and potential ones to keep an eye on, as well as fixing those problems when the time comes.
Dr Tufa and her staff have made me comfortable to visit the dentist. I recommend Acton Smile Hub highly.
I had a very thorough first appointment. They addressed all my concerns and the cleaning, inspection and advise were as good as I have ever had.
Everyone is so nice. They made me feel very comfortable
Every experience at Acton Smile Hub is a positive experience! They make going to the dentist not so dreadful and always take the best care for me and my family! My 2 boys (ages 2 & 4) also loved going to them for the dental check ups and they made the visit so fun for them! I highly recommend Acton Smile Hub! Super professional, clean, and so knowledgeable in everything they do!!
Thank you so very much I had a wonderful experience at Acton Smile Hub. I was looking for a different dentist and have found Acton Smile Hub as the place. Thank you all!
I have been a patient since 2019. Everyone at this office is professional, friendly and knowledgeable. From the moment you walk in the door and are happily greeted by Cheryl who handles everything, including the scheduling. This is not an easy job, but she makes the process go smoothly and always makes sure you have what you need. It starts from the top with Dr. Tufa. She is a skilled technician and she makes time to explain the procedures, step by step. It’s clear that she encourages a team environment and her staff share the same work ethic. They make going to the dentist a positive experience. AC (Acton)
Best medical/dental team I have encountered in 60+ years,
Kind competent and most importantly for me, gentle care. I was referred here and I'm so grateful!
Service is excellent and state of the art.