Smile Gallery - Before & After Dental Treatment Photos

Below, you will find just a few real before and after dental photos and examples of the countless restorative and cosmetic smile makeovers that Dr. Heni Tufa and her team have been part of over the years. We truly care about helping our patients achieve optimal oral health and aesthetically stunning smile transformations. We have helped patients fix chipped or cracked teeth, remove black triangles, get brighter smiles, replace missing teeth, replace old amalgam filling with tooth-colored filling or seamlessly straighten teeth.

If any of these positive results resonate with your own personal dental goals and needs, please give us a call to learn more about us, our tooth restoration and cosmetic dental services and how we can help you achieve similar dental outcomes.

Invisalign Teeth Straightening

Teeth straightening with clear aligners is an alternative to conventional braces that can treat different malalignment problems in adult and children. Properly aligned teeth create a better environment for protection against cavities, gum disease and wear. As an Invisalign dentist, Dr. Tufa has corrected many smiles for underbite, overbite, gaps, crowding, crossbite and other teeth misalignment problems.

Our patient below had crowding on the upper and the lower jaw. Despite having braces in the past, there was relapse in the crowding of the teeth and Invisalign treatment was able to resolve this in a matter of months.

Invisalign Treatment, In-Office Whitening and Composite Bondings

Our patient had crowded teeth and was concerned with the wear the crowding caused on her anterior teeth due to the deep overbite. The treatment involved Invisalign clear aligners to reposition the teeth and make room for composite bondings on the worn teeth. After in-office whitening, the teeth were restored to their original shape.

In-Office Zoom Teeth Whitening

Professional Zoom teeth whitening treatment was used to brighten this patient’s smile. This is a non-invasive procedure performed at our dental office, that uses hydrogen peroxide gel and blue light to break up tooth stain and discolorations.

The procedure can lift the tooth color up to 8 shades lighter. For best continued results, following up with touchups at home and maintaining with custom whitening trays is recommended.

Enamel Microabrasion, Zoom Whitening and Composite Bondings

Our patient’s chief concern was mottled teeth and stained previous bondings. The patient was looking for a non-aggressive, minimally invasive treatments to improve the esthetics of the smile.

The treatment included microabrasion of the enamel in order to remineralize and blend in the chalky white spots on the teeth, followed by in-office Zoom whitening treatment. Composite bondings were then placed on the six anterior teeth to achieve maximum esthetics.

Dental Crown Restorations

This example shows the end results of a dental restoration involving four upper anterior crowns. Our patient had wear and chipping on the incisal edges of the upper teeth due to grinding.

The upper central and lateral incisors were protected with full coverage porcelain tooth crowns to prevent further loss of tooth structure.

6 Anterior Upper Crowns and ZOOM In-Office Whitening

Our patient was concerned with the discoloration of his teeth, the uneven incisal edges and the shade discrepancy of his anterior, existing crown that had a previous root canal therapy.

The treatment included in-office whitening, followed by six upper crowns from canine to canine. The lower teeth were bonded with composites.

Dental Black Triangles

Dental black triangles are open embrasure areas between two adjacent teeth that look like empty triangular spaces devoid of gum tissue.

In the first case below, our patient had moderate black triangle spaces on the upper teeth, and even more pronounced dental black triangles on the lower teeth. The chief concern was compromised esthetics, but also frequent trapping in the areas after a meal.

The upper spaces were closed with a composite injection molding technique, with minimal or no tooth removal at all. This is a painless and minimally invasive technique that does not involve shaving the teeth for crowns or veneers. The procedure is completely reversible too.

In this second example, our patient had several concerns including chipped anterior teeth, discoloration on the anterior bondings and the dark, black triangles between the teeth devoid of gum papilla.

The patient underwent an in-office whitening treatment followed by a black triangle composite injection molding technique for the 6 upper anterior teeth, canine to canine.

Tooth-Colored Composite Restorations

There are multiple reasons why an old, silver amalgam filling may need to be replaced including: recurrent decay, insufficient margins, cracking and craze lines and more.

The procedure involves numbing the patient in order to remove the old amalgam and decay and then replacing it with a tooth colored, bonded composite filling. No more "metal-mouth" look - these composite fillings bond very tightly to existing teeth and are nearly invisible in the mouth.

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